Troubleshooting made easy

The on-site production manager has identified a technical problem and registers a new service case (ticket) using a mobile device.


Files that help identify the problem (such as video or image recordings) can be attached directly to the ticket. Responsibility and machine assignment are also automatically clarified.

Step 2

The ticket contains a description of the problem and optionally pictures, videos or other documents that help the service department to diagnose the problem.

All tickets are clearly displayed in a service dashboard.

Step 1

step 3

The service department can answer the ticket with a text message, an invitation to a live chat or a live video call. In the latter, numerous remote maintenance tools are available for direct support.

Step 4

If a comparable problem occurs again, the person responsible for production will be informed of this before a new ticket is created and, if necessary, will receive a compiled guide of solution steps from the previous case.

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